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About Us

22 Years of Not-For-Profit experience, 12 of which is strictly Chamber of Commerce work

We use this expertise to help Chamber of Commerce organizations and customers with small to mid-sized 501 (C) 3 incorporation's gain the membership and sponsor support they need to continue to grow and make a difference in their communities. 

Introducing a New Series specifically geared to help Chambers grow. As you know; more members make running and serving your total membership and community easier. As the Covid 19 / Carona Virus has disrupted every level of business, some will be back, some will be back slower and some will not be back at all. Though Chambers have weathered many disruptions over their 252 year history and come back themselves stronger than ever. This is going to be a hard time to keep and gain new members.

Do you spend most of your Marketing and Advertising budget on member retention and gaining new members? Do you have a  Membership program or Membership Director that is losing an inordinate amount of time explaining exactly what a Chamber is, does and has done for current members? What are you prepared to spend in money and time to survive this health emergency? We can save 45 minute to an hour of time for you and explaining all of the benefits of Chamber membership for you, increasing your membership sales and retention at the same time. More members translates into more advertising and sponsorship sales for your events. More presence when approaching elected officials, the ability to better negotiate on the cost of, or  gaining new member services in which you can further promote. By using our series of books to save  a great deal of your time selling and explaining membership advantages to businesses,  you can focus on what you do best--running your Chamber.

When I developed this first book when I was a Membership / Sales Director for a large county Chamber, it saved me half of my sales time and increased sales by 62%. When I was the Executive Director of a regional Chamber with no Membership Director on staff, it had an even better success rate at 84% and saving me the time I needed to run my Chamber. Business owners are not the only ones invested in the business community. This book is wonderful in educating elected officials, other Not-For Profits, Educators and the citizens of the communities we serve just what a Chamber is.

The world of business can be fast-paced and scary, especially to new entrepreneurs and small / medium sized businesses. That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your membership needs. At the same time we are giving your members the information they need to grow and contribute more to your community through employment, taxes, education or any of the other positive contributions. 

What makes a business successful has never changed. A successful business has to be run effectually, has to take advantage of opportunities, it has to provide a service or product that is needed or wanted and must make a profit doing so. No, profit is not a dirty word; profit allows a business to invest in growing, hiring and supporting the local community. During many of my mentoring sessions, speeches or lectures I have stated that “All businesses are exactly the same; all businesses are completely different”. What I want you to understand from this statement is that how a business is administered and succeeds is exactly the same whether the business sells key chains or provides lawn care. The differences between businesses come in to play only when the product or service is marketed and advertised to its target consumer. 

Successful businesses create a strong economy and community on every level from village to town to county, state and country. A strong business community acts like a magnet to bring other advantages to our society as a whole as small business employs up to 80% of the work force, brings more businesses, money and taxes, educational opportunities, housing opportunities, medical opportunities and stronger social programs to its geographic area of influence. In other words a strong business community is the basis of a strong civil community. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.