For Sale


34 Page Book for Handout

Making your sales efforts easier, this book is used for educating Prospective Members, Present Members, Elected Officials and anyone who may need information on what a Chamber of Commerce is, how to use it and why it is important to join,  encouraging membership, member retention and general information for lobbing, discussions and  knowledge. As well as closing the sale of the membership.

Price determinate on number of copies ordered

Price starts at less than $6.00 per book for a minimum order Your Chamber's Logo and Contact Information can be added to the book for a small set up fee. Please see Order Form.

Handing Out This Book Will Save 45 Minutes to One Hour of Your Time

Having to Spend Money to Make Money"  is one of the oldest business adages, but you know well that you have to spend wisely and make each dollar count.  Is spending $6.00 or less to save an hour of your time and setting up the membership sales closing for  your Chamber's investment of $100.00; $200.00 and above at the same time a wise decision?

Copyright Licensing Agreements

For those Chambers who will be using a large number of these books and want to save money by producing them for yourselves,  can contact us for Copyright Licensing Agreements.